2014年 12月 13日

自分にノートを残す = c++のvectorとiteratorを軽く触ってみた


using namespace std;

int main() {
vector v;
vector::iterator itr;

// 10までカウントしてベクターに格納する
for (int i=0; i < 10; i++) {

int total = 0;

itr = v.begin();//ベクターの先頭、v.end()はベクターの末尾
while (itr != v.end()) {
cout << "ベクターの中身" << *itr << endl;
total += *itr;

cout << "total = " << total << endl;

return 0;


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2014年 10月 04日

True friendship 真の友情は..

True friendship is when:

- You do stupid things together
- You laugh at/with each other about anything
- Even if either of you cross the line, there's always a way that will bring you all back together

- And you don't give up on each other. No matter what flaws that friend has, you accept it and continue to grow together.

These are just a few examples of what I believe true friendship is.

- 一緒にバカなことをする・ふざける
- 一緒になんでも笑ったりからかったりすること
- 何かしらで一線を踏み越えたせいで縁が切れちゃったのに、必ず何かがお互いを復縁させるものもがあり、必ずそのチャンスがやってくる。
- そしてお互いのことを諦めず信じ続く。友達にはどんな短所や他にいかなる弱点があってもそれを受け入れることができ、一緒に成長する。



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2014年 08月 22日

و لا على باله あの人は気付かない

حبيبى ولا على باله شوقى اليه.
وانا شاغل بالى انادى عليه
وليالى كتير افكر فيه واحن اليه ولا دارى

私の愛する人 あの人は私の思慕に気付かない
私の心はひたすら あの人を呼んでいる
あの人を恋い慕う あの人は知らないけれど

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2014年 08月 14日

A letter to myselff

Dear future me,

Maybe you or someone later on from now will read this. You might not remember why I wrote this but heres a brief reason on why you did.

You opened your heart out to someone you thought was the one and things would be happily ever after but it didn't.

This is a reminder of how far you went to make your dreams come true.

1) You quit a well paid but odd hour night shift job to study in Japan.

2) You got a job in japan that isn't teaching English. You make games for a living!

3) You have a loving family and a lot more friends, both here and at home. They believe as much as i do that you have unmeasurable will power and confidence.

4) Heres my favorite, you proved everyone who doubted you wrong. Those who told you that you cant speak japanese or make it where you are or that you cant attract a beautiful girl.

Great job for all your achievements now and back then. If you're depressed for whatever reason.. Don't be.

If you're going through a break up or something just remember that God will never leave you. And pray like mom said. Because i believe in myself right now and you shouldn't stop believing now not even for one second. Ever.

Time doesn't wait for anyone, especially no one.

Forget the past.
Do not worry about the future.
Live the present and fight those hard times.

Dont hate mondays, make Mondays hate you.

There will always be haters, scoffers and so many unkind broken people in the world but you can be the example light the world needs.

Never hate a soul no matter how angry or sad or broken you are. You will never be broken even if you believe you are. Remember what Hiroko said that love is unconditional, demanding nothing in return.

Love them all.


Love your past self, aged 26


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2014年 03月 01日







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